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Behind the VAQUID Premium Vapor Liquid


Established in Berlin, Germany around a team of German pharmaceutical experts VAQUID made it their mission to share their passion for vaping with everyone by creating a premium E-Liquids that lives up to every vapors dream.

Using only the finest graded pharmaceutical ingredients that are Made-in-Germany to ensure premium quality we aim to mellow the purest delicious liquids you have ever vaped. Besides developing rich flavor our refined base mixture, we use in your

VAQUID E-Liquids allows you to produce dense vapor clouds with every E-Cigarette device in order to enjoy your vaping experience to the fullest. With endless efforts and passion, we created a vapor liquid that serves the finest demands.

Flavor Varieties


Our premium line of VAQUID E-Liquid offers five individual flavors with authentic taste for every occasion:
Coca Cola, German Royal, Iced Candy, Peach-Maracuja and Pommegranate-Orange.
Find out which flavor suits you in what situation the most now!

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